How to Keep Curly hair hydrated

This journey has not been easy. The process of getting to hydration takes work and patience. Hydrating my hair is really quite simple, it is not something I do on a daily basis. It is something I do on a weekly basis. Please do not look startled when I say weekly because, I choose to hydrate weekly, and sometimes, depending on the weather, I do it more often.

How Do I hydrate my kinky curly hair?

The process is simple, I shampoo my hair on a weekly basis. The shampoo that I use begins the process of my hair being able to accept water. I prefer a moisturizing shampoo the majority of the time, because my coils love and need moisture. I do not do any strenuous exercise so I do not use an all-purpose shampoo unless my scalp and hair has been exposed to heavy buildup.

How to moisturize curly hair

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