How to determine your curls?

The natural thing that was normal to me was to straighten my hair. I straightened my hair with a relaxer containing the ingredients of sodium hydroxide. I wore my hair short for a short time, but then as I got older I began to just wear ponytails, a weft for fullness, then to an entire wig. From the wig to crochet braids, a full head of braids was not an option because some areas had hairloss.

The cool thing about discovering my curls was a complete accident. I had no idea I had curls in the beginning. My hair was severely dehydrated. It was not until I began shampooing and conditioning my hair on a regular basis I realized I had curls and they were not on the curl chart.

What is the curl chart?

This post applies to me and many others who are trying to determine their hair type. The chart above cannot define my hair type because I have many different textures all over my head. Some of my clients I have worked with have soft cotton feeling texture, while other textures feel silky and smooth. My texture is not smooth all over, but in certain areas it is. My hair in the back is cottony feeling and tightly coiled along my nape. I have coils and wavy hair, but with a course surface texture.

Does the curl chart help?

In my professional opinion, it does not help because we ALL have different textures. I have one client who has absolutely no curl pattern on the side. It appears to be curly with product applied, but when it dries it looks completely different than the rest of her hair. It is low porosity as well. Low porosity hair does not accept water well, nor hold on to water. It takes work to push the product into the hair. The curl chart is made up of numbers and squiggly lines, which tells you absolutely NOTHING about what is going on with YOUR HAIR.+

Where did the curl chart come from?

The curl chart is a curl type system that was introduced by Oprah Winfreys 90’s hairstylist Andre Walker. The curl chart is supposed to help determine the products and discovering a routine. This is absolutely FALSE.

What to use to determine your curls?

There is no chart or number system. It does not help determine what products to use nor does it determine a routine for coily or curly hair. The overall health of the hair is determined by how much your hair is balanced between hydration and protein.

The hair chart is not for curly coily textures

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